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76 Degrees on St. Patrick’s Day in Cleveland with Ohio Homecoming

Wow, is probably the best way I could explain this year’s St. Patrick’s Day in Cleveland. In a city where it seems to feel so empty most of the time and the thought of going downtown for anything is always distant fourth. Fortunately, this wasn’t one of those days. It was a day where you realize why you loved the city you grew up in so much!

Click Image to View All St Patrick's Day Images
Click Image to View All St Patrick's Day Images

On Saturday March 17th 2012, everybody in Cleveland had to be Irish because over 500,000 people turned out in record numbers! Maybe the record high temperature of 77 degrees pulled everybody from their cubby holes. Then again, the green beer that gets tossed everywhere is a site to see for anyone lol.

I also had the rare opportunity to be able to walk in my first parade which was a perspective that you rarely get to see. Hands waving from above, below and beyond as I walked along side the always positive and always dedicated Ohio Homecoming group with this HUGE 216 Birthday Cake trailing behind us as we sang Happy Birthday to our beloved city. If you would ask me, it was a cake that stood… a thousand feet tall! Though it was not quite that tall, you might have felt the same way if you were able to walk proud with the rest of this group and yell out how much you loved your city while hundreds of thousands of people looked on in amazement… even if you weren’t Irish. So, go ahead and check out some of the amazing shots that I was able to get while standing proud as a Clevelander and let me know what you think.

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