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2013 48 hour film 48 hour film festival atlanta audience choice best of dtrundle true untold script stories winners


The Script was said to be that of an Urban Legend and be the Story to lead them to the Heavens of Cannes. With only 18 hours left, they decided to steal it! But, what they found was something very unexpected…

The True Story Of Events That Happened During a 48 Hour Film Making Project.

…That was a great synopsis wasn’t it lol. Well, Atlanta’s 48 Hour film challenge is now over and I must say that this year was by far the craziest it has ever been which is saying LOT! Considering everything that has happened during the past six 48 Hour Film projects that I have been a part of, this was truely something “Unexpected” lol.

Every year I embrace the idea of collaborating with new talent because in a regular scenario you more than likely will not have that same opportunity to get to know a lot of new people. So, I use the 48 for that very reason to be able to find great people to get to know and possibly work on future projects. But, instead of going into any true details about what happened, I’ll let you all experience our weekend for yourselves :) Oh, I probably look really sleepy in the film to… after being up on Friday until 4am and waking back up at 6am and then shooting the interview parts at around 12:30am – 2am I was very tired lol.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

If You Haven’t seen the Trailer you should check that out here. It really got everybody excited to see the film to see exactly what happened:

Title: True Untold Script Stories Genre: Crime/Gangster City: Cleveland, OH. Date: June 14th – June 16, 2013 Character we had to use: Rick or Rhonda Everett a travel specialist Prop we had to use: A Towel Dialog we had to use: You know that’s not what I said

Images Courtesy of Leslie McCree Photography



Thanks to the Generation Next Entertainment Team!

Executive Unit:

  • Deontae Trundle (Executive Producer/ Director/DP)
  • James Wilson III (Executive Producer)
  • Brigitte Victoria (Assistant Producer)
  • Jennifer Van Leigh (Assistant Director)
  • James Wilson (Team Support)

Story Unit:

  • Story by GennextENT Team


  • DTrundle as self
  • Brigitte Victoria as self
  • James Wilson III as self
  • Jennifer Van Leigh as self
  • Barry Sermons as self
  • Joyce White as self
  • John Manguel as self
  • Shellie Schmals as self
  • Jessika Cutts as self
  • Kristofer Conklin

Camera Unit 1:

  • Deontae Trundle (Camera)


  • Barry Sermons (Lead Boom Operator)
  • Dunlap Exclusive (Original music)

Sound Design:

  • Deontae Trundle (Sound Editor)
  • Barry Sermons (Sound)

Photo Unit:

  • Leslie R. McCree (Key “Behind the Scenes” Photographer)

Post Unit:

  • Deontae Trundle (Lead Editor/Creative Director)
  • John Mangual (Motion Graphics)
  • Barry Sermons

Scene/Wardrobe Designer:

  • Terrie Burdett (Lead MUA/Stylist)
  • Nikki Morgan (Costume Support)

Tech Unit:

  • Barry Sermons (Network)
  • James Wilson


  • Brigitte Victoria
  • Kristofer Conklin

Special Thanks To:

  • Jessika Cutts
  • Sermons Household
  • & Thanks to the entire Gennext Entertainment Team!!!!

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