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2012 48 hour film 48 hour film festival atlanta award best best of cleveland deontae trundle directing dtrundle entertainment generation next entertainment gennextent humble g video vita redding winner

The 2012 season for the 48 hour film project was another fun… and stressful one as usual lol. But, that is what it is all about. I feel the teams that we assemble every year, of over 30 including crew and actors, are getting better and better as they learn what 48 Hours really mean in the film world. You can dream big for your projects but the scope has to be narrowed down in order to turn in something complete, and technically sound.

A Team Effort!

This year I had the idea to bring in a huge crowd for our short film because it is rarely done and we did! Well, at least to a certain extent. As the typical changes and unexpected events happen throughout the 48 hour weekend, we had to change things around and some of our dedicated extras just couldn’t hang in anymore. So, we ended up having a semi-huge crowd but it still work out great. Our main actors Humble G and Vita Redding did an awesome job as did our entire crew and I hope each and everyone of you had a great experience! I’m looking forward to the next one!

On Friday night, you get a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre, all to include in your movie. 48 hours later, the movie must be complete. Then it will show at a local theater, usually in the next week.

Film Synopsis - Two parents are on a mission to find their young daughter who was taken away from them at birth by a gang of vigilante. The only way for them to find out what happened to her and why is through several passage ways in time in which they have to make it to before they close. During their journey they find an unexpected twist and only leads them to more questions.

Title: Passage Genre: Adventure Serial City: Cleveland, OH. Date: Jul 28th – July 30, 2012 Character we had to use: Rick or Rhonda Everett a travel specialist Prop we had to use: A reusable bag Dialog we had to use: Who are you talking to?

Let me know what you think of our film: Passage!!!




Thanks to the Generation Next Entertainment Team!

Executive Unit:

  • Deontae Trundle (Executive Producer/ Director/)
  • Tyniece Wingfield (1st Assistant Producer )
  • Tiffany Wade (2nd Assistant Producer)
  • ared Rube (Director of Photography)
  • Jared Rube (Director of Photography)
  • James Wilson (Team Support)

Story Unit:

  • Story by GennextENT Team
  • Dorian Santiago (Lead Script Writer)
  • Deontae Trundle (Script Editor)


  • Humble G as Ron Everette
  • Vita Redding as Donna Everette
  • Gabrielle Howard as Rhonda Everette “Travel Specialist” (Voice Over)
  • Artavia Latrice as Nurse
  • Deontae Trundle as Forman
  • Rick Colin as Head M.I.B
  • Maurice Wingfield as M.I.B #1
  • Joshua Trundle as M.I.B. #2
  • Brandon Woods as M.I.B #3
  • as M.I.B. #4
  • Doll as Baby


  • Jennifer Carter
  • Joshua Trundle
  • Tiffany Wade
  • GabrielleHoward
  • Harold Erkins
  • Dar Cardwell
  • Jar Cardwell
  • Brad Davis
  • Jeremy Smith
  • Patrick Dunlap
  • Naji Kelley

Camera Unit 1:

  • Jared Rube (Camera)

Camera Unit 2:

  • Deontae Trundle (Camera)


  • Harold Erkins (Lead Boom Operator)
  • Vincent White (Boom Operator)

Sound Design:

  • Deontae Trundle (Lead Sound)
  • Harold Erkins (Sound)

Photo Unit:

  • Felicia Jackson (Key “Behind the Scenes” Photographer)

Post Unit:

  • Deontae Trundle (Lead Editor/Creative Director)
  • Jared Rube (Editor)
  • Harold Erkins (Editor)
  • Maurice Maestro Wingfield (Animator)

Scene/Set Unit/Wardrobe Designer:

  • Deontae Trundle (Lighting Director/Continuity)
  • Rosalyn Rodgers (Team Support)
  • Artavia Latrice (Costume Designer)
  • Artavia Latrice (Lead MUA/Stylist)
  • Felicia Jackson (Set Photographer)
  • Vincent White (On Location Editor/CF Card Manager)
  • Harold Erkins (Lead Grip/Audio/Boom operator)

Tech Unit:

  • Jared Rube (Network)

Production Assistance (PA):

  • Vincent White
  • Dar Cardwell
  • Harold Erkins
  • Maurice Maestro Wingfield
  • Tiffany Wade

Set Design:

  • Dar Cardwell
  • Tiffany Wade


  • Tyniece Wingfield
  • Tiffany Wade
  • Dar Cardwell
  • Diane Grose
  • Sharon Averhart (Mom)

Special Thanks To:

  • Shaker Heights Launch House
  • Dave at Maker Gear Alliance
  • Dave at Maker Gear Alliance
  • Erkins Family
  • Liberatore Landscape
  • Lewis Burrell
  • Brian Spaeth
  • & Thanks to the entire Gennext Entertainment Team!!!!

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