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A few weeks ago I was asked to shoot and edit a simple music video that would basically showcase the artist’s new song for her mix-tape and will be releasing the finished video later this week (**UPDATE - Video is now complete). The song utilizes Missy Elliot’s 9th inning instrumental from  her upcoming 7th album and even though its generally a hard task to try and at least match Missy’s beast of creativity on a track, Cali Speedway trail-blazed over the beat like a lot of rappers today wish they could. Their is probably a reason for that though because Cali has written for such main stream artist like lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Jim Jones, Trina and several others so she is no amateur to say the least and I was more than aware of how good she was. You should definitely check it out and hear for yourself when it comes out.

As for the video itself, there was no concept developed for it so we pretty much just put her in front of a green screen and said have at it!

We had also planned to shoot another video for one of her other songs last week but as soon as we finished the storyboards and finalized the concept for the song we saw another artist come out with a very similar video that incorporated all of the same ideas and concepts we had but with a slightly different ending. Now, I know that most creative ideas are sparked from something we have already seen but this was so close to ours that you would have thought they sat in the planning meeting with us lol. But, in any case we are back to the drawing board on that and will keep you all updated.

Video Screen Shots

The image above is a screenshot of the editing process that I am currently doing for the video. The workflow consist of CS5 Adobe Premiere, After Effects and photoshop. It’s streamline interaction saves a tremendous amount of time and with so many things on my plate time is essential.

Director/Editor: @DTrundle

Artist: @CaliSpeedway
Beat: @DunlapExclusive




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