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The American Dream: Shock Value

The American Dream… over the past several months I’ve been asking myself if that means anything during today’s economic woes. Better yet, what was the way of thinking when that very phrase was defined? A time when America was praised for it’s industrial giants and hundreds of thousands of people could find good paying careers even if all they had were a high school diploma. That was when “Living The American Dream” could stand tall and proud because being able to afford the house, the family, the white picket fence and the dog was an achievement everyone aimed for. It was all systematic. All you had to do was get a high school diploma, learn a trade or two and you were good to go. At least that is what was embedded into the minds of generations time and time again. Then, if you decided to get a college degree you were golden… But, what happens when that is not the case?

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Unfortunately, today’s version of “The American Dream” is not nearly the reality it used to be. Those with anything less than a Bachelor’s Degree seem to only have a decent chance of employment at the nearest grocery store if they know someone who knows someone… Even those individuals with Master’s Degrees cant dig up job which becomes discouraging because in the back of their minds they have to also think about the overwhelming debt they have to pay back from that higher education. A sandpit of sorts. Then theirs healthcare, the environment, foreign policies, and more and the inequality interwoven in it all…

To many, it is a shock when they find out that life isn’t as easy as they thought it would be even if they followed a guaranteed system of. It’s a shock when that dream job becomes a fantasy. Then it’s even more so shocking to us when we learn that a father of 4 has commented suicide because he lost his guarantee of being able to provide. Its a shock to us when we find out a mother of three killed her children and then herself because food is no longer on the table… The system has been broken and with the political arguments getting tossed back and forward like a juggling act for entertainment the solution becomes even more distorted. But, what do you do about it? We do have a choice and a voice to make changes. This campaign aims to utilize that Shock Value to connect and relate to those who view it. This is just the first images of several which will be diverse and relate to ALL Americans! Hopefully, it will open the eyes of millions to be able to see that it is u to us to make statements and have our voices heard. Let’s make a difference. 2012 is a voting year… what will you do?

The American Dream Campaign: Shock Value Edition 1
More editions to come. Like the fanpage to stay up to date with each edition.

DTrundle “The Artist”

Justin Dorsey

Kurt Yue

James Psarras

Jessica Harris

Chair Design:
John Fahsbender

James Wilson III

(There are also still a couple select spots left in this campaign for select professional models. If you would like to be considered for them please contact us here…info )



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