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Atlanta – GennextENT Crew & Talent Casting for the 48 Hour Film Project


Team Gennext ENT

Gennext Entertainment is looking for those of you who love being creative, are talented, passionate and would love to experience a fun-filled weekend with those who look for the same within the Film Industry! Email us at to let us know your interested and include what your experiences are and what you would like to help out with during the Film weekend of June 14th – 16th 2013. Put “Atlanta 48 Hour Weekend″ in the subject line and we will follow up with your from there! Our first year we did the 48 Hour Film Project here in Atlanta was in 2009 and we ended up Winning 5 Awards! We are looking to get them back this year!

If you are requesting to be an on screen talent please also include a headshot and any links that you may have to some of your work. We will get back in touch with you all!

ALSO: We are having a networking meetup event on Saturday June 8th, 2013 starting at 7:30pm if you are interested in being apart of the team as well. Location can be disclosed to you when you email us.

All Films will be screened at the Plaza Theater off of Ponce De Leon the follow week so this is your chance to see yourself on the Big Screen or be apart of something potentially BIG!


The 48 Experience

This year’s 48 Hour Film Challenge in Atlanta is just around the corner and the anticipation to see how things unfold is steadily rising as we inch closer to the starting date on Friday June 14, 2013 at 6pm! Since my first year of being apart of the 48 Hour Film Challenge in Atlanta and

being on the wonderfully talented Tannhasuer Gate’s team that ended up Winning 5 Awards and was chosen to represent Atlanta in the national contest, I have been sort of an advocate for the “48″ lol! But, it’s less of the fact that we were able to take home that many awards which was Great, but more so because of the fact that I was able to work along side a great group of talented and passionate people. It started relationships with individuals I probably would not have met otherwise and then being able to work with several of them afterwards is a testament to how things can grow from positive experiences. To me, thats what it’s all about; the collaboration, the effort, and the willingness to come together to make creative things happen.


The 48 Hour Film Challenge: A weekend where you pick your genre out of a hat at 6:30pm on Friday night and the ideas start to frantically flow as you piece the puzzle together. You then get one line of dialog, a prop and a character that you have to

creatively use anywhere throughout the film and then the process starts! You get 48 hours to develop a story, script it, shoot it, edit it, render it, pull out your hair, slap everybody around you to help them regain their composure, dash to the finish line with no regard to traffic rules and then fall out of the passenger side window with an out stretched arm and jump-drive in hand with 2 seconds to spare and finally yell out… “We Made It!” Or, you make it 2 seconds late and don’t qualify for the awards…either way, its the experience of it all. :) Then, ALL films screen at the local theater for everybody to marvel at, laugh at, scratch their heads at and watch in amazement. If you win your city’s grand prize “Best Of’” award you go on to the national level at the Fiilmapalooza. From there, and if you are lucky or just that good, your film will then go on to compete at the International level at Cannes Film Festival! So, I hope you are ready and as excited as we are!?! Who else is in? :)


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