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Who is DTrundle?

It was a cold wintery day in the frostbitten streets of Cleveland, Ohio where, “The Artist” was born and I… wait this isnt a movie script is it? My bad lol, but instead of the usually boring bio intro I figured I would give my intro a little more flare to it. Actually, I am a summer baby born August 14th 1980 to be exact and a true Leo at heart. Growing up, I loved playing sports just like every other childhood friend I had and we all planned to be the next superstar. But, I also had another talent, or “gift” I will call it, which makes me who I am today. An Artist.

As an artist I am consistently looking for various ways to express my thoughts, my vision and my feelings which will hopefully inspire others in some way, shape, form or fashion. To me, creativity is an exceptional gift and my passion is to embody that gift in all forms of art; design, photography, music, film, poetry and entertainment.

At this point, I can probably assume that you can tell how much I love movies from the way I started my intro and in short, yes I do! Why? Because it’s one of the only forms of art that encompasses all other forms of art that can create an unmatched emotion inside those who can relate to the subject matter it if done right. Directing movies just feels like a natural fit to me. So, outside of photography, design and entertainment ventures, expect to see more short films and movies from me soon.

DTrundle “The Artist”

Llist of Skills:

  • Photographer
  • Cinematographer
  • Director
  • Creative Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Entrepreneur

If you ask one-hundred different people what an artist is you will get one-hundred different answers and every one of them would be right. Art is what ever you make it and everybody has there own perspective.

To me the definition of an artist is the ability to walk through everyday life, see the creativity in it and then transform that vision into some form of art that we all can see, hear, touch or feel.

Photography by Mark Lewin[/caption]

As “The Artist” I feel that I do just that and being able to see, hear and feel the art in life is truly a blessing. There is a story to be told in everything and everyone you just have to be willing and open to listen to it. My perspectives of these stories are channeled into my drawings, paintings, graphic and web design work, and more recently photography. Some may love it, some can hate but as long as it creates some type of emotion I’m happy with it. It’s art. I also like to write… a little (have to really be inspired by something lol) So, I have a book of quotes and poems coming out in the middle of next year that will have various poets in it. I plan on having my first photography collection calendar come out in 2010 and I will be directing and possibly acting in my first short film within the next year or so as well.

You know what, I love music to so after I get everything else going I think I will start producing music… Man, so many things I want to do. The good thing is that I have a lifetime to fulfill my dreams.

DTrundle “The Artist”

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