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VIDEO: DTrundle Documentary – What’s Your Story? (Snippet)

How the Indie Film Loop Was Born

Initially, this was going with the documentary later, but I was told I should “release” this part of my story #TBT and allow others in on the journey that no one knew about… #FewBirds1Stone

So, here you go – A few years ago, I started another company to be able to share my ability to connect people to valuable opportunities throughout the film community through resources and help others learn, showcase their work and more.

I took 20K and went all in by sacrificing stability and a personal life to follow this passion. The only ppl who knew were my good friends Brigitte, Alanna and mentor/big brother James W. who were present at that moment. Not family, other close friends, IFL team or anyone else knew as I didn’t want them to worry about a passionate choice I made about something that I was sure I could make happen.

But, through the process I didn’t realize how unprepared I was for how unbalanced my #WorkOnly life would become. I appreciate it though because it then allowed me to open my eyes to everything that resembles success and I can tell you that that feels great! Clue: It isn’t success in business only… :) – But, I’ll save the rest for later -

Until then, I’d like to thank God for allowing me to see my journey & walk in it. My family & friends for being unconditional – Brigitte, Alanna and J. Wilson for always being there no matter what, Barry for helping me refocus on stability, the WHOLE IFL team for their support, and most of all I really want to thank Marcia for inadvertently reminding me how to dim down my tunnel vision to see all the beautiful things that life has to offer. You all have truly made this a blessed year and journey in every way possible #LoveUall ;)

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