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Glo Dance Video Edit

Currently, we are working on a short dance video clip for this young lady named Glo who is exceptionally talented. She can not only dance with the likes or Ciara but, she can sing, act and play the piano as well as anyone you can mention! I am definitely looking forward to everything she has planned in her near future! Until then, stay tuned here to see the finished version of this short dance video clip to see a piece of what she can do.

Drake Gets Punk’d By Ashton Kutcher

Yep, over the past year or so, Punk’d has stormed back onto the scene after years of absence and I must say it has been entertaining to see some of the newest A-listers get duped before our very eyes but, it’s nothing like when the show first aired in 2003. I remember Justin Timberlake getting his home reposed and him asking why his dog was being taken, Kanye West running like a fugitive and Beyonc’e killing Christmas for the kids on Punk’d like it was yesterday..