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Director, Photographer & Digital Artist

As a creative Digital Artist, Photographer and Director based in Atlanta and Cleveland me and my team help you develop a brand that will take you vision to new heights and captivate your target market. Email us today at to get your project started!

  • Casting Call

    A closed casting call for Steal The Moment will be announced soon!... View More...

  • Indie Film Loop

    Currently creating the marketing material for our 2016 Film Conference Showcase... Get Indie Loop

  • The Loop Event

    December 12 will be our next event. Theme: Filmmakers & Composers... Read more...

  • Contact Me

    Experience and imagination is what will take your project to the next level. Lets get creative Click Here

August 10th Saturday’s ENT and DTrundle Birthday Celebration

So far we have created an event that everyone has loved. An event where we have been combining the creative talents of Artist, visual and Performing, to create an atmosphere that has been engaging and fun and it will continue on August 10th! We will also be celebrating my Birthday like LEOs do so come out and support a fun evening with us and see some of the wonderful talent Atlanta has to offer!.